Wholesale energy and wind power insurance protection for overseas brokers

Energy Insurance

The pressure to find and extract new oil and gas resources has never been higher. With new technologies that make the inaccessible accessible – cost effectively – typically come evolving risks that have fundamental implications for your clients’ exposure and energy insurance coverage.

Above all, you need the flexibility to scale and adapt your insurance packages responsively and innovatively in a way that matches shifts in the market. Whether for downstream, midstream or upstream operations, we can arrange for you – and your clients – a comprehensive range of insurances, backed by the peace of mind that a Lloyd’s policy delivers.

Featuring bespoke, enhanced protections - our insurance solutions can help provide end-to-end cover across a range of risks from the world’s most trusted specialist insurance market.

Our independent Lloyd’s accreditation means you can access the risk management services you require without needing to use a global broker who may also be competing with you locally. Running advanced energy risk mitigation programmes for overseas brokers worldwide, we have the proven skills and expertise to deliver the cover you seek for your clients: whatever the scope, application, location or complexity.

Our range of wholesale energy insurance solutions span the full spectrum of risk across oil, petroleum, gas and wind power.

  • Infrastructure: we can help protect your onshore and offshore property, wellhead, construction and cargo assets at every stage of development.
  • Operations: control of well, extraction and emerging processing technologies.
  • Business: loss of production income and business interruption.
  • Liability: employers’ liability, directors & officers insurance, professional indemnity and all relevant health & safety covers.
  • Locality: risk and regulation vary from country to country – we’re ready to configure your energy insurance to reflect any and all local needs.
  • Geopolitics: political and financial risks are ever present and ever changing – we deliver a high level of alertness and instant flexibility.
  • Risk analysis: a range of insight and expertise that ensures we identify and protect the correct risk spectrum for your clients and their partner/supplier/stakeholder exposures.
  • Trend analysis: strategic assessment of emerging risks and energy policy design.
  • Contracts: all types of contractual protection and advice that helps future-proof your clients’ business.
  • Contractors: equipment, mobile plant and motor truck cargo.
  • Wind power specific: all the above, including marine cargo, delay in start-up, construction all risks, operational property damage, machinery breakdown and business interruption.

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