Wholesale marine insurance solutions with Lloyd’s accreditation.

Marine Insurance

You’re an overseas broker and you want to access high quality marine and energy insurance products at Lloyd’s for your clients. For that you need a specialist with Lloyd’s accreditation. You could use a global partner; however, you want to protect your client relationships and it’s likely that a global broker will have a local operation competing against you.

That’s why it’s good to know you can turn to an independent insurance broking partner: a Lloyd’s accredited and London-based UK wholesale broker who can place the high performance risk management and insurance policies you seek – wherever you are and whatever the risk.

You’ll find all the insurance and risk management solutions and expertise you need to help safeguard your clients’ business, people, assets and infrastructure for the future - in one place and with one point of contact. Our approach is underpinned by an outstanding service ethos that focuses on performance, stability, longevity and consistency.

  • Assets and infrastructure: hull and machinery, disbursements and increased value, construction risks, yachts and power barges
  • Security: political risk, war, terrorism, strikes, piracy, kidnap and ransom
  • Financial: cash on board, mortgagees interest, mortgagees interest additional perils and loss of hire
  • Third party: marine liabilities, protection and indemnity (International Group and Fixed Premium Markets)
  • Onshore: ports and terminals
  • Cargo: comprehensive asset protection and project cargo

Wholesale marine insurance protection for overseas brokers

Marine risk management is in a state of flux. From sustainability, pollution and regulation, to compliance, rising fuel costs and geopolitical uncertainty. Then there’s the ugly threat of piracy that saw 555 seafarers held hostage in the Indian Ocean in 2011 alone - 35 of whom were later murdered1.

At Lochain Patrick, we can arrange for you – and your clients – a comprehensive range of marine insurance, backed by the peace of mind that a Lloyd’s policy delivers. Featuring bespoke, enhanced protections – our marine solution can help provide end-to-end cover across a range of risks from the world’s most trusted market.

Our independent Lloyd’s accreditation means you can access the insurance and risk management services you require without needing to use a global broker who may also be competing with you locally. Running advanced marine risk mitigation programmes for overseas brokers worldwide, we have the proven skills and expertise to deliver the cover you seek for your clients: whatever the scope, application, location or complexity.

Our range of wholesale solutions span the full spectrum of onshore and offshore marine risk:

  • Vessel infrastructure: bespoke, Lloyd’s accredited insurance solutions that cover all types of client commercial vessels with bespoke protection and highly competitive premiums. Comprehensive cover types include: hull and machinery, disbursements, increased value, construction and marine builders, voyage/tow, freight cover and contingency insurance.
  • Security: the peace of mind protection your clients seek in a turbulent world where physical threat presents a regular danger to crew and assets. Comprehensive cover types include: political risk, war, terrorism, strikes, theft, piracy, kidnap and ransom.
  • General marine and corporate liability: whether you’re seeking cover for shipping line, owner-operator, manager, charterer or stevedoring clients, we can access the specialist protection you seek. Comprehensive cover types include: charterer’s protection and indemnity, damage, contractual liability and primary/excess pollution, as well as all types of employers liability, directors & officers insurance, professional indemnity and health & safety covers.
  • Onshore: a range of cover types designed for your port authority and terminal operator clients. Protections include: basic legal and contractual liability, hired-in equipment and plant, tenants and occupiers, unregistered vehicles and wreck removal plus excess protection and indemnity for owned vessels.
  • Cargo & Specie: we arrange bespoke cover for all types of goods, cargo, commodities and merchandise for physical loss or damage while in transit or in storage – regardless of where your clients operate.
  • Financial risk: we help protect your clients across a range of marine financial risks and structured financial transactions. The cover types we arrange include: cash on board, mortgagees interest, mortgagees interest additional perils, loss of hire as well as trade credit insurance, residual value insurance, construction finance, commercial leasing, project finance and trade/structured trade finance.

If you would like to find out more simply contact us on +44 (0)207 398 1700, or email enquiries@lpib.co.uk.

1 Reuters: ‘Somali piracy death toll rises as violence rises’ by Peter Apps, 22 June 2012